Wednesday, December 12, 2018

New Holiday Scam "AMAZON"

New Holiday "AMAZON" Phone Scam

Dear Wentworth Residents,

"Tis the season", for holiday scams, and I am hoping to get the word out about a new type of phone scam. Please be aware of persons calling stating that they are with AMAZON. They will then ask if you made a purchase, or authorized a purchase, on AMAZON today. They will then tell you that the purchased item was shipped to another country, like Africa, or Russia, or some other distant location. They may even tell you what the item was and what the cost was.

When you answer that you did not they will ask you to go to your computer so that they can assist you with stopping this unauthorized charge and prevent any future unauthorized charges.


These people are not associated with AMAZON and are looking to access your computer information remotely. Their goal is to obtain any personal information that they can from you. Please be diligent during this holiday season in guarding your personal information, banking information, and the files in your computer. These people can be very convincing, but, make no mistake, they are criminals.

Thank you, and in closing, the members of the Wentworth Police Department want to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

Chief Wallace Trott
Wentworth Police Department